How to do mobile marketing through Passbeemedia?

Mobile marketing is a simple term that describe that how companies reach their customers via their smart phones. With the growing popularity of smart phones, the mobile marketing become the necessary part of business’s marketing plans. As we know that large segment of population relying on their smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices. Passbeemedia is a platform which promote mobile marketing through different marketing strategies because mobile marketing is increasingly efficient way to for brands and different retailers to reach their customers. Passbeemedia helps the advertisers to do mobile marketing by targeting your audience, also providing an engaging and useful marketing experience to business owners and measuring the return on your mobile investment.


Well how Apple Ibeacon helps the business owners to do mobile marketing? There are some methods which is adapt to promote business through mobile marketing. These are:

  1. Define your mobile audience:as a business owner you need to define your target audience which is essential in crafting a mobile marketing strategy that reaches the right customers in the right way. Business owners needs to conduct a survey or place a pool on your website to get to know their audience if they are unsure about demographics that they should target. Business owners can invite their customers to sign up for test messages and other mobile messages that will explain special offers, coupons and others discounts available. Then different retailers and business owners use the result of surveys, polls and questions to determined what kind of strategy will work best so they need an audience that is mobile friendly and willing to receive coupons and information on their smartphones.
  2. Planning content for mobile marketing:passbeemedia provides a valuable and engaging users experience. There is a big problem for business owners when customers are going to ignore their mobile marketing strategies if they are not concise. Through passbook business owners develop their websites that are easy to view customers’ smartphones and other mobile devices. You can regular sync your website. Passbeemedia has also provide coupon facility to their clients through passbook. Passbook has special features and it will only allow in iPhones and iPads. Through passbook users can easily make coupons for their sites and also make it easy for their customers to click and get instantly connected. You can also include money saving coupons that users can show at checkout. This will help them to save money and time because they will not have to print coupons out and remember to bring them to the store. It integrate mobile messages with other marketing strategies like send text messages to the subscribers that links them on your Facebook page or Twitter account.
  3. Measure the mobile marketing results: business owners can measure and determined the success of their mobile marketing results. You can also use subjective metrics such as customers feedback and track your results over a specific period of time business owners can use hosting services that will help them to track their time. Passbeemedia also provides a list of mobile hosting vendors with low service cost to their iPhones users.



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